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Aboriginal Apprenticeship Program

Aboriginal Apprenticeship Program

Status Energy is proud to have Aboriginal equity partners within its corporate structure. These partners also have integral roles in our senior management team. These individuals bring innovative and inspired ideas to the future of our company. As well as providing invaluable perspective and insight as we grow and expand our company, they inject excitement and an entrepreneurial spirit into our team.

Status Energy’s foundation was built on Aboriginal values and beliefs. It was with those values and beliefs in mind that we introduced our Aboriginal Apprenticeship Program. The Aboriginal Apprenticeship Program provides opportunities for individuals from local Indigenous communities and trains them in entry level positions. Depending on their interests and desired career path, they may continue to be educated to receive their class one drivers license or pursue a trade. All employees are encouraged to continue their education and training for management roles.

We understand the importance of education as a steppingstone to a prosperous and fulfilling future. To assist students in their pursuit of their educational goals, Status Energy awards three annual bursaries to individuals from local Indigenous communities. Providing this financial assistance not only helps with the financial burdens that students face but encourages them to continue striving towards their goals.

Community involvement is highly encouraged at Status Energy. Several of our senior managers have positions on various boards in the local areas of our operations. Holding positions on these boards allows us to increase awareness with respect to Aboriginal matters and keeps us informed about issues or concerns. We also help local Aboriginal communities and groups meet their fundraising goals through annual donations.

Our goal is to support and encourage relationships with local Indigenous communities that are continually being developed and improved. At Status Energy, this is a cornerstone of our corporate values and beliefs.